"Most of the seven compositions on their debut If Only... are built around the dynamic, alternating and powerful rhythm section (Robert on drums and Jeff on bass), embellished with inventive work on keyboards and guitars. One moment the music reminds of King Crimson, as in the varied The Mask Of Deception (fiery and sensitive guitar runs), and in The Missing Floor (bombastic eruptions with fat synthesizer flights and heavy guitar riffs).

"I consider this debut CD as a dynamic and varied effort with lots of interesting musical ideas and good musicianship."

"If you had to designate a prog album to pack this summer in your luggage, I would definitely recommend the album "If Only ..." by American band The Far Cry. Indeed it brings together everything I love about progressive rock: Good musicians, varied compositions that are both complex, but not too much, and excellent melodies.

"A very interesting album, without weak point, well balanced in sound and artistic approach, it delivers content that is definitely worth a look, if you like progressive music!"

"If Only is the impressive debut release by the American symphonic/neo/melodic prog rock group The Far Cry. It is a refreshing and varied collection of tracks which, whilst showing the musician’s own influences – from the classic ’70s prog/classic rock period, through the neo-prog era and on to more modern prog – creates a musical landscape that is a unique mix of all of these as well.

"If Only is a confident, ambitious and assured album by excellent musicians that has a broad range of melodic prog music styles. It doffs its cap to the past, whilst embracing the present, and mixes it all into a singular and varied style. There is a refreshing chameleon-like character across all the eight tracks, with surprises around the corner for any listener, and yet it works as a whole. Their heart might be in the symphonic and neo-prog rock of the ’70s and ’80s, but they are not anchored there at all. This is definitely an album worth exploring for progressive rock fans who like their melody and complexity in equal measures."